Monday, December 12, 2011

CalPC: Faster, Better, Stronger

SpectraCal is excited to release CalPC v4.42 which brings numerous updates to make PC calibration easier and more powerful than ever before! This includes the updated PC Client allowing each user to register and calibrate up to three PC systems, increased from one machine, essentially tripling its original value. CalPC's hardware support has also been increased to include the i1Display2, X2, Spyder2, Spyder3, OEM i1Display, DTP-94, and ColorMunki for improved PC calibration performance, accuracy, and speed. Additional software enhancements have been made to CalPC for a more streamlined and smoother calibration experience.

NEW SpectraCal PC Calibration Training Webinar ($59) – register to learn through this 60 minute webinar the process and workflow of calibrating your PC displays using SpectraCal's CalPC software. All CalPC purchases (starting at $249) in the third week (Dec 12-18) of December will get the PC calibration webinar included for 75% off. Buy during the fourth week of the month and get 50% off, buy in the fifth week for 25% off. An exclusive code will be emailed with your purchase invoice. Order today to get a biggest discount possible!

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