Monday, March 12, 2012

SpectraCal Software Supports DataColor Spyder4 With Enhancements!

Software developer SpectraCal, Inc. announced support throughout its video calibration software line for the new Datacolor Spyder4.  CalMAN and CalPC version 4.6, announced by SpectraCal today, will support Spyder4 hardware whether purchased from SpectraCal, Datacolor, or any Datacolor reseller. 

Those who buy from SpectraCal will receive a bonus:  SpectraCal’s version of the meter, dubbed the Spyder4 Enhanced, contain additional calibration matrixes to improve calibration of LED displays, projectors, and other display technologies important to home users.

“We enhance each meter individually in our NIST-traceable calibration lab,” explained SpectraCal Marketing Manager Alex Nguyen.

Nguyen explained that the added precision will only benefit users of SpectraCal software; other users will see no change.

Innovations in the Spyder4 include double-shielded filters.  According to Datacolor, these improvements greatly improve long-term stability and improve meter accuracy, on average, by 26% compared to the Spyder3.  
“We’re very impressed with the repeatability of the Spyder4,” said Darrell Bird, director of the calibration lab at SpectraCal.  “It’s a major improvement,” Bird said.

“Datacolor is excited to see SpectraCal supporting our renowned line of colorimeters with their great software,” said Brian Levey, Datacolor’s Global Vice President of Sales. 

CalMAN is the top selling software for calibrating home theaters and other video displays.  CalPC is SpectraCal’s comprehensive solution for calibrating computer monitors.

To help launch the new bundles, SpectraCal is offering significant discounts during the month of March.  For example, CalMAN with a Spyder4, normally $299, is on sale for $229 in March.

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