Wednesday, March 14, 2012

3D TV Display Technology Shoot-Out

Being a trusted source of reliable information is gratifying to us at SpectraCal, and it’s a confidence we do our best to continue to merit.  We spend a great deal of time and invest significant resources here in checking claims and delving into the technical details of current issues in image fidelity. 

Our engineers Darrell and Chris spend much of their time in a research lab with prototype displays before manufacturers release them, investigating the issues they pose to the state of the art of colorimetry. 

The #1 most 'Frequently Asked Question' category for the past year has involved 3D, with questions such as: How do I calibrate a 3D system? What are the 3D-specific setup issues?  How do I test for them?

The Joe Kane 3D test patterns for the AV Foundry Video Forge HDMI digital pattern generator have been invaluable in helping manufacturers as well as system integrators understand and rectify the problems with 3D signals.  Recently we’ve also introduced our own 3D test patterns as well, which are now included with every VideoForge.  

In coming months, you’ll see more articles in this newsletter on issues in 3D setup and calibration. Our investigations have definitely turned up way more problems than solutions, so you’ll see limited, carefully qualified conclusions, hedged around with enumeration of lots of exception cases. But we think you’ll find them all the more valuable for that. Please don’t hesitate to write in with your 3D questions. Let us know what practical problems you’re seeing in the field.  

One asset in making sure we always provide the best and clearest technical briefings to our community is a wide circle of friends. After we run tests in our labs, we always check with everyone else we know in a variety of industries to compare notes on what they are seeing. 

One of the most valued contributors to the industry’s understanding of display technology issues is Dr. Raymond Soneira of DisplayMate Technologies. Among his other great values to the industry – such as an unmatchable resume and impeccable methodological rigor – is a fearless impartiality.  Ray always reports exactly what he finds, no matter whom it might offend.  

So we were both pleased and avidly interested when Dr. Soneira recently published an in-depth comparison of 3D display technologies. We think both you and your customers will benefit from reading this report.

Click here to read the full article. 

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