Friday, December 23, 2011

Have You Serviced Your Color Analyzer Recently?

You service your car making sure it runs at peak performance. You service your computer by having the latest virus protection. Do you service your color analyzer? 
Colorimeters should be serviced and verified to ensure you are getting the most accurate calibration results. We can do that for you!

Special End-Of-The Year Offer: Meter Verification $50
Two Options To Choose From

Option 1: Assessment Option 2: Trade-In
You should never have to question your meter's performance!
  • Pay $50 to send in your meter to SpectraCal to get assessed.
  • We'll send the meter back to you and let you know if the meter passed the accuracy test.
  • We'll also provide a $50 credit off a new purchase of a meter or CalMAN package $295 and up (good for 3 months).
  • You pay $50, we give you $50. The assessment was free!
Trade-in for an upgrade!
  • Zero fee! (selecting option 2 in the drop-down will make the price $0)
  • Order a meter or CalMAN package priced $295 and up at full price with the Meter Verification service included during checkout.
  • Send your meter to SpectraCal with a copy of the order invoice.
  • We'll process your meter and credit you back $100 on your order! It's that easy!
Eligible Meters
DataColor Spyder3 (all versions), i1Display2 (all versions), DTP-94/Monaco Optix,
Chroma 5, and Color Pro 2,3,4, or 5.
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($100 credit is a limited time offer only through December. Offer Extended to Janurary 31st, 2012)

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