Wednesday, October 12, 2011

SpectraCal and Klein Instruments Announce K-10 Cinema Pro Optimized for Home Theater

Klein Instruments and SpectraCal announced today the K-10 Cinema Pro. The Cinema Pro is a new version of Klein’s heralded K-10 non-contact colorimeter, optimized for home theater video calibration.

By removing features unneeded in home theater calibration, Klein was able to create an instrument that is even more accurate than previous K-10s, while costing less

“The K-10 was designed to serve a wide variety of uses,” says Luhr Jensen, the K-10’s inventor. “By removing features the home theater calibrator doesn’t need, we’ve been able to create a version that is even more accurate at the measurements needed in the home theater, and also reduce the price.”

Among the features Klein removed in the Cinema Pro are the short focus aiming light option, the external aiming light switch, various calibration files not used in home theater, and Klein’s software utilities.

“The Cinema Pro edition is optimized for use with CalMAN,” Jensen says, referring to SpectraCal’s video calibration software CalMAN, the software solution used by nearly all professional home theater calibrators. “You don’t need the external switch when CalMAN lets you turn the laser on and off from software.”

To promote the introduction of the K-10 Cinema Pro, Klein Instruments and SpectraCal have teamed up to offer an unprecedented low price of $4995.  

Save $1000 off the $5995 MSRP in October! Read the full press release here.

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