Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Chase For Visual Quality - Continued

The answer for optimized cinematic viewing experiences in any environment is the eeColor Image Processor
The eeColor™ Image Processor from SpectraCal integrates all aspects of media content, display type, and room lighting into creating the best color, contrast and brightness conditions possible to fully optimize modern displays to create a professional cinematic experience.  eeColor™ Technology uses patent pending multi‐dimensional look‐up tables to implement visual perception models and achieve the highest video quality possible in each viewing environment. This is the only color processing system that increases brightness and contrast at the same time it preserves colorfulness and memory colors. eeColor™ Technology uses visual perception modeling to do this in an optimal manner so the viewer sees the best combination of color, brightness and contrast in every scene.

As mentioned in the previous discussion of Visual Perception Modeling, perceived colorfulness and contrast are a function of brightness and vice versa. With that knowledge, eeColor™ Technology produces the largest total quality gamut volume using 3D color tables. Using visual perception models and preservation of flesh tones and memory colors, eeColor™ Technology improves the overall visual quality of standard color displays in any viewing environment. This improvement comes from actual and perceived colorfulness, contrast and brightness enhancements for each different viewing environment. eeColor™ Technology fundamentally transports the viewer to a far superior viewing environment where flowers and other objects look more colorful. This mapping is not an arbitrary color or contrast enhancement, but one based on the physics of adaptive human vision, in which less bright lighting makes objects look less colorful and higher colorfulness makes objects look brighter and higher contrast. These same priciples have been employed by film makers for years, without the full degrees of freedom offered by eeColor™ Technology and multi‐dimensional digital tables. eeColor™ Technology calibrates displays for accurate white point, grayscale, and gamma with 1D tables and linear matrices and applies environmental perception compensation with 3D color tables, for a dramatic professional cinematic experience. The visual impact of eeColor™ Technology on the quality of digital images is clear.
Visual perception models are not only adaptive, they are also non‐linear. Commonly used linear light models for video displays employing only 1D gamma tables and linear color matrices are insufficient to correct for the adaptive effects of visual perception. These tools do not have the mathematical degrees of freedom to fully optimize image quality in non-optimal viewing environments. eeColor™ technology integrates all these factors, white point selection and full display color calibration into the solutions for optimal visual quality. It uses visual perception models of flesh tones and other memory colors, the interrelationships of brightness, colorfulness and contrast, and viewing environment to maximize the perceived color quality and preserve key memory colors.

SpectraCal knows color and is commited to image fidelity. We believe eeColor™ technology and the eeColor™ Image Processor provides an optimal color solution and the best viewing experiences ever available. When you experience eeColor image fidelity, we’re confident you’ll be convinced too.

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