Tuesday, September 6, 2011

SpectraCal and basICColor Announce Highly Capable Colorimeter

DISCUS demolishes previous color meter price/performance benchmarks

(Seattle, WA) – September 6, 2011 – SpectraCal, Inc. and basICColor announced the DISCUS colorimeter, providing accuracy in colorimetry previously available only with much more expensive instruments.

 “We were amazed when we measured the DISCUS in our calibration lab,” says Derek Smith, SpectraCal’s founder and Chief Technology Officer. “We didn’t think this level of sensitivity and repeatability was possible with such a moderately priced tristimulus device,” Smith said.

“We’re very pleased that SpectraCal has chosen the DISCUS to anchor its product line,” says Karl Koch, basICColor’s Managing Director. “CalMAN is respected around the world, and SpectraCal’s support of DISCUS will certainly speed its adoption in with professional video calibrators.”  

basICColor created the DISCUS to bring affordable high-end accuracy to the pre-press proofing market, and turned to SpectraCal to introduce the instrument to professional video calibrators.  basICColor appointed SpectraCal exclusive distributor in North America, and non-exclusive Master Distributor throughout the rest of the world.  

DISCUS support is included in the current version of SpectraCal’s award-winning CalMAN video calibration software, the de facto standard in the CEDIA industry. (CalMAN Commercial and Expert licenses support the DISCUS.)    

The DISCUS will be demonstrated in SpectraCal’s booth 4961 at CEDIA Expo, the annual trade show of the Custom Electronics Design and Installation Association, at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis, September 8-10. 

Visitors to Booth 4961 can receive an introductory discount. SpectraCal is building a DISCUS reseller network. Prospective dealers should call +1 877-886-5112 North America, or +1-605-274-6055 international.

For more info, please go to www.spectracal.com/DISCUS, or contact prosales@spectracal.com.

Read the full press release here.

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