Wednesday, August 31, 2011

SpectraCal and Entertainment Experience Announce Next Generation Image Processor

SpectraCal, Inc. and Entertainment Experience announced the eeColor image processor, providing unprecedented control over video images.

Leveraging over 35 years of research in visual color science by experts from Kodak, universities, and Hollywood film production, eeColor produces “the brightest and most colorful moving images that I have seen,” says Mark Fairchild, Director of the PhD Color Science Program at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Jason Turk, chief engineer at AVScience says eeColor is “like nothing else on the market.”  eeColor adds “a vibrancy to the colors that I have never seen to date,” Turk says. Derek Smith, SpectraCal’s founder and Chief Technology Officer, explains that this is partly because eeColor for the first time allows full use of displays’ ever-expanding capabilities. “Manufacturers have been hard at work expanding the color capacity of their displays,” Smith says, “But to achieve image fidelity, we’ve had to turn all the expanded capacity off.  With eeColor, you can now make full use of the expanded color gamut current displays allow, while still maintaining accurate flesh tones,” Smith explains.  eeColor utilizes proprietary technology based on newly understood physics of adaptive vision. Learn more about the eeColor image processor with the full press release.

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