Wednesday, November 9, 2011

SpectraCal Announces Direct Calibration Connection for Sharp Elite

Add Sharp Elite to the number of displays that can be directly controlled from leading video calibration software CalMAN. This fall, Sharp brought back an iconic name in television by introducing Elite LED LCD TVs designed for discerning consumers who want the best home entertainment experience. SpectraCal, makers of the award-winning CalMAN, today announced a version of CalMAN that allows direct access to the Sharp Elite’s calibration controls. Before CalMAN, video calibration had been a complicated process of using on-screen menus with a remote control.  And every display has different controls, called by different names, with different sets of effects and side-effects.  With CalMAN, adjusting the display becomes as easy as adjusting the relative height of bars on a chart. CalMAN directly communicates with the display, measures the result of the change, and zeroes in on the desired result. In fact, some calibrations can be accomplished by pushing a single button.  

CalMAN offers three levels of support for the Sharp Elite, starting with direct access to individual display controls, such as brightness and contrast adjustments, on the computer interface – no remote control required.  Second, interactive charts allow the calibrator to set the display output to any desired standards. Finally the “one-button” CalMAN-AC™ automated calibration solution automatically adjusts all settings across multiple measurement points as a single operation. 

Read the full press release here


  1. ControlCAL Elite X5 Edition v2 is available now and gives you full access to the Sharp Elite PRO-60X5FD and PRO-70X5FD ISFccc Interface for calibration.


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