Thursday, July 28, 2011

From Design To Execution: SpectraCal's Complete Digital Signage Solution

A 2009 Info Trends Study found that digital signage increases average purchase amounts by 29.5% and overall sales volume by 31.8% for businesses through providing an effective medium to engage and inform customers of new products, sales, and current promotions. The benefit of digital signage goes beyond sales to include:
  • Enhances Location Experience
  • Dynamic Communication Channel
  • Cost Effective 
  • Time Efficient 
  • New Revenue Stream and More!
Despite its numerous benefits current digital signage solutions are rarely simple, reliant or convenient.  High cost, complex interface, and hardware failures are issues that have tarnished its proven reputation to be a highly effective business tool to increases consumer sales, brand loyalty, and repeat purchases. We are here to fix that.

SpectraCal has partnered with Swiss company SpinetiX to provide a streamlined and powerful complete digital signage solution that redefines the industry standards and solves these common issues.  From setup to training to content management we provide the services and professionals that will help you design and execute your complete digital signage strategy.

Join us for one of our FREE webinars to learn more about this dynamic field of business marketing and how SpectraCal’s complete solution is unmatched in providing you with the digital signage results you are looking for!

Contact us today toll-free at 1-877-886-5112 or email to see how SpectraCal’s complete digital signage solution will bring your messaging to life!

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